Reading books has NEVER been this FUN-FILLED and CONVENIENT. At Mixsie FUNbooks, we have given FUN a new definition - Friendly and Uniquely Native..Yes! We are FRIENDLY, and we are UNIQUELY NATIVE!

Mixsie FUNbooks seeks to harness the power of Mobile and Digital devices to bring the audio and electronic versions of books written by Great African Authors to everyone who doesn't seem to have the time to flip through the pages of paperback books.All you need is a MOBILE DEVICE!

Amazing, Isn't it?

Also, With Mixsie FUNbooks, African authors can bypass the hurdles of publishing a paperback version of their books, reaching even more readers through audiobooks and e-books.

Our approach is a very Friendly and Uniquely Native one. On our platform, there is a book for EVERYONE! The playful guy who just wants to learn by listening and laughing, the "serious" guy who doesn't like to joke while reading, the elderly woman who wishes to listen to or read an old African book in her native accent, the young chap who loves to get all the exciting adventurous effects while listening to or reading his favourite story book...the list is endless!

The aim is to make book reading FUN for everyone. Take a trip with us and be BLOWN AWAY!