Do you love to read? Is writing your passion? Would you like an avenue that gives you the opportunity to rub minds with others? Then, a book club is just for you. You can either join one or create one. Creating a book club is as easy as it comes. All you need to do is bring together a group of people who have the same passion as you. Then, you all would agree on the time, place and set of books that needs to be discussed.

Before going into the benefits that accrues to joining a book club, let's find out what it entails. A book club is a reading group who meet periodically to read and talk about books, based on an agreed topic. The floor is open to share opinions and debate about matters arising.

Now the benefits;

1) It boosts your creativity: Having intellectual discussions during the meetings would help you to think wide. Also, rubbing minds with others will help you gain new insights on related topics. And, it'll give you a better understanding of the book(s) being discussed

2) You meet new people: You get to meet interesting people from different walks of life. This would also help you appreciate different cultures and form friendships that could last a lifetime.

3) It widens your perspective: Being in a book club would help broaden your horizons because you read different kinds of books you probably wouldn't have read otherwise. In other words, you read away from your comfort zone. It also improves your vocabulary.

4) It improves your communication skills: You get to appreciate the opinions of others and "disagree  to agree" without being offensive. You get to exchange ideas and learn by seeing things from the next person's point of view.

5) For shy people, it can improve your confidence: You get to express yourself without fear of being judged. Everyone's opinion is welcome. This could also help with self-awareness and improve your self-esteem.

6)You are up to date: Reading consistently would keep you at par with trending topics. You are informed all the time.

7)Reading in itself as a hobby is a wonderful way to relieve stress. More so, participating in a book club gives rise to a beautiful social experience. It's fun!

8) For writers, you learn new writing techniques. It could also serve as a breeding ground for aspiring writers.

9)For children, it is a good way of instilling the reading culture in them. From an early age, they learn important values such as the importance of friendship, respecting the next person's opinion and building a healthy self esteem. It also helps to build their vocabulary.

10) For the elderly, it serves as a good avenue for recreation and relaxation. After retirement, most old people drift into depression because they feel left out. However, belonging to a book club would make them feel good about themselves. Having a sense of belonging would help them psychologically as well.