The best can never be ignored. Regardless of your field, once you're known for excellence, you would always be sought after. The same thing applies to writing. For some, writing is a talent that comes naturally to them. For others, it is a skill that they deliberately took time to learn. However, in both cases, one hopes to be successful. Why then, do some writers fail while others succeed? Could there be a secret code that leads to success? Or a distasteful recipe that leads to disaster? In this episode, I have compiled simple tips that would help you become a better writer if you adhere to them.


1)First things first, Why do you write? A wise person once said, "when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable." This still holds true today. You need to discover why you write and be committed to it. For me, I write because I've discovered it helps me to relax. But, more importantly, it solves problems for people who can relate to my writings. This, in itself is fulfilling. So, why do you write? Pick a pen and paper now and write it down.

2)Celebrate your Uniqueness: It's always disappointing to see writers with low self-esteem. Writing is an amazing talent that you should feel blessed to have! Don't let anyone talk down your gift of writing! Celebrate your talent. Also, another reason most writers fall short is because they compare themselves with other writers. This would only lead to frustration and bitterness. You don't need those. Besides, why copy someone else when you can be original? Don't you know that if you copy someone else, the best you can be is number 2??? Rather, decide on the genre and style of writing that suits you best and stick to it. Develop yourself.

3)Don't present a write up that you're not inspired by, to your readers. In other words, if you're not inspired by something you wrote, it most likely won't inspire your readers as well. Rather than being in a haste to put it out there, take out time to go over it again and again. You just might find the missing link!

4)Be precise and concise: Get to the point. No one wants to be bored reading a poem, an article, novel etc that's frustrating and lacks appeal. It's better for your write up to be short and fascinating than for it to be long and boring.

5)Have a deadline: it's amazing what we can achieve in a brief period of time when were under pressure. Moreover, procrastination kills. Jot down that idea now.

6)Always have writing materials on you: Inspiration can come at any time. Many writers lose great ideas because they come at a point when they can't jot it down. Or just feel too lazy to do so. If you don't have a pen and paper nearby, use your phone.

7)Avoid Common errors: Obey the rules of concord. Check for typos.  Your readers would form an opinion of you through your work. You wouldn't want them to form a negative impression of you now, would you? So, do away with tardiness. Let your brand be known for excellence.

8)Network: Look out for workshops and seminars for writers. Iron sharpens iron. The next person could just have that information you need to get to your next level; to succeed.

9)Create the right atmosphere that'll trigger your creativity

10)Don't Quit: Don't stop writing even when you make mistakes. At least, mistakes prove that you're trying. The more you write, the better you become!


I hope these tips prove useful to you and produce results. These tips are in no way exhaustive. There are other useful tips on becoming a better writer. You can carry out further research. Don't forget to visit our website at




Write up by Marony


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