Have you ever wondered why things keep getting better for some people while others always seem to be at the same spot? Year after year, you hear them say things like, "This year is my year. New year, New me" etc. Yet, you check their lives and nothing seems to be new about them. So, what could be the issue?

One thing I've realized in life is that success is not something you wish into reality, you've got to work for it. Brian Tracy, author of "No Excuses" said, "If you want to achieve the same results as successful people, you must be willing to do what successful people do." I agree completely with this statement. 2018 is here, do you have goals you want to achieve this year? Do you have a vision for the year, or have you left your life to chance? Hmm.

Each time I hear someone say 'what will be will be', I feel this chill. Life shouldn't be lived that way. You ought to take charge of your destiny. Don't live your life to chance. Take deliberate steps that'll lead you to your desired future. Here are a few points highlighted below that could serve as guidelines;

1) Pray: Every man needs God. Just a simple prayer made in faith and humility can transform your life. Tell God about your plans, work hard and trust Him to bring it to pass.
2) Discover yourself: We are all born with incredible gifts and talents. No man is born empty. Look inwards and search out the gold mine that is within you. For instance, what can you do? What are you good at? Writing? Singing? Acting? Communication? Storytelling? Sports? Etc. Whatever it is, knowing your abilities is a good way to start. When you discover your talent, and you go through a process of refinement, you'll already be on your way to success. How can you go through a process of refinement? That's the next point.
3)Acquire skills: We live in a world that requires you to constantly improve yourself or else, you'll be left behind. You need to look for ways to continue upgrade yourself. Having a university certificate is good but it's no longer enough. The question every employer would ask you even after seeing your first class certificate is "what can you do?" So, I implore you to acquire skills that are relevant to the fulfillment of your destiny. You could also take professional courses that'll add value to you as a person. For instance, courses on personnel and risk management. There are so many. You could Google online to find out the one that appeals to you the most.
4) Don't rest on your laurels. Push further: Oftentimes, we think that failure is the enemy of success. This is true sometimes. Other times, success could also be the enemy of greater success. Know this,  No matter the height you've already achieved, you can achieve greater things. Don't rest on your laurels. Keep pushing further, there are no limits! That's how to grow.
5) Have a vision: Where do you see yourself by June this year? Where do you see yourself by this time next year? To have a vision simply means to paint a picture in your mind of your desired future. You need to have a vision for your life. That vision will keep you going even in the midst of difficulties. If you didn't have one before now, it's not too late. Just close your eyes and visualize the best version of yourself possible. Then write it down and place it somewhere you can always see it so it can act as a reminder of where you're going.
6) Have goals: Goal setting is so important. It's not just enough to have your goals in your head. You need to write them down. You can divide them into three; short-term goals, mid-term goals, and long-term goals. For instance, your short-term goal could be registering at the gym being consistent so you could be more physically fit within three months. Your midterm goal could be publishing your book (If you're a writer) before the end of this year. And your long-term goal could be having a particular amount of money saved up in a fixed deposit account for your future.
8) Have a deadline: For every goal you've set for the year, you need to attach a deadline to it. This motivates you to press on towards your target.
9)Network: No man is 100% self-made. We all need the assistance of one another to progress in life. This 2018, be deliberate about your circle. Take deliberate actions to develop and nurture valuable relationships that'll boost your life. Attend events. Remember, if you want a friend, you need to bey first friendly. Smile. Be courteous. Be genuinely interested in others. The world operates a value system. What you give is what you get.
10) Believe in yourself: Don't be afraid of failing. Mistakes are proof that you're trying. It's better to try and fail than to sit back with your arms crossed. Practice makes perfect. Be confident in yourself and be courageous in achieving your dreams. No one will want your success as badly as you, so Go Get It!!! 2018 can be your year of greatness if you WORK towards it. Have a great year.


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