We're in the internet age where social media, emails and the likes fight for our attention. This makes reading a more inconsistent activity, as people tend to read less while spending more time on gist and entertainment.

Audiobooks have got this covered!


   It makes reading fun because it is highly entertaining. The story is more alive than it was on the page. This might sound like a strange concept if you've never experienced the thrill of listening to audio books. However, I encourage you to give it a shot. It is a captivating experience and quite magical. The way we learn is unique to each of us individually. Some people learn better visually, while some people learn better audibly. In knowing your own learning strengths, it is advisable that you try the different methods of reading. Who knows, listening to audiobooks could suit you more than reading physical books.

   Listening to audiobooks helps our understanding of the story or theme.
We're able to connect with the author, as well as have insight into the author's thoughts and writing process. This is especially efficient if the narrator is good and knows when to use the right tone.


*    Listening to audiobooks helps you multitask. Opinions vary as to what it means to read by listening. Reading and listening are complementary. However, listening to audiobooks seems to be less cumbersome than reading physical books as it leaves room for other activities. If you don't have the time to sit down and read, you can listen to audio books on the go. In other words, you can multitask. Some tasks are boring. Personally, I don't particularly enjoy doing laundry. But if I listen to audiobooks while doing such tasks, it becomes less tiring. It becomes fun!

*    Audiobooks can be relaxing. For slow readers, the pace is faster and there is less time required to internalize the words. Some readers find it soothing as well. It could be so relaxing. This is due to the musicality of words.

*    Listening to audiobooks could be a transformative experience for people who like to read together.  Taking turns reading out loud can get tiring, But with audio books, It's so much easier. Sharing a book with someone becomes something you enjoy. I encourage you to give it a try. For parents, you can listen together with your kids while driving to the mall or doing other activities together. This could prove useful for learning unfamiliar words and expanding vocabulary. It is a wonderful way to learn!

In conclusion, the skill of the narrator undoubtedly affects the perception of the listener, but so does the skill of a reader who's reading a physical book. So, why not give it a shot today? Visit our website at www.mixsie.com and download any audiobook of your choice. Reading is fun when you listen!


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