In every field or industry, there's bound to be competition. The stake is high and people always go for the best. So, how then can you stand out in this prestigious profession of writing? There are guidelines. However, first and foremost, what is a niche? According to Cambridge English dictionary, a niche is "a job or position that is very suitable for someone, especially one that they like."

There are different genres of writing. As an aspiring writer, the first thing you need to do is

1) Decide on the genre you want to specialise in: Don't be the famous 'Jack of all trades, master of none.' Be specific so that you can easily be identified by your readers. Specificity would bring more opportunities your way. Some of the areas of writing include business, travel, sport, fashion, entertainment, and content writing. You could also be a freelance writer. In this case, you need to market yourself well. Treat every job with the utmost diligence as your reputation goes before you. Try to avoid missing a deadline and have a positive rapport with your clients.

2) Celebrate your uniqueness as a writer: There are many outstanding writers out there, however, this should in no way deter you because no one can tell your story but you. In other words, your uniqueness is your greatest asset. Don't strive to be like anyone else, just be the best version of yourself. Yes, it’s okay to have role models but don't get lost in their shadows. Remember that if you copy someone, you're only helping to promote their brand. Also, if you copy someone, the best you can be is number 2. Dare to be different.

3)It's okay to make mistakes: The world has lost some amazing writers because they gave up on writing. They probably made some mistakes and thought it was the end for them. Don't do this. No one ever starts out being perfect. Rather, the more you write, the better you become at it. Consistency is key. When you make mistakes, instead of condemning yourself, reinvent yourself. Adjust your attitude towards your abilities and shortcomings. Take note of the pitfalls and work hard to improve. In no time, this would result in self-discovery and self-mastery. So, trust yourself and be patient with your growth process.

4)Think of your readers: Be mindful of first impressions. If your work isn't ready, don't publish yet. Check for errors. Let it go through proper editing and proof reading before putting it out there. Think of your audience while writing. If it doesn't excite you, it probably won't excite your readers as well. Also, identify their needs and write accordingly. Money flows in the direction of value. If the information in your book doesn't add value to them, they won't part with their money to get it. To avoid such pit falls, be passionate while writing. Be creative as well and give it your best.

5)Don't rest on your laurels: Keep looking for ways to get better. Attend seminars and workshops. Belong to a writing community. Connect with other writers, especially those that have gone ahead of you. Ask questions. Talent is good, but sometimes, only talent is not enough. To thrive, combine talent and skill and you're sure to make a name for yourself.

In conclusion, writing is an amazing gift. Be proud of it. Don't let anyone belittle your dreams. The more you hang around people that constantly criticise your talent, the more you begin to doubt yourself. You don't need such negativity especially if you're just starting out. So, surround yourself with people who believe in you. But most importantly, believe in yourself. Be confident in your abilities. You have something unique to offer and the world awaits you!

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