When was the last time you were truly at peace with yourself? Had it been days, weeks, months or even years? Having peace within is one of the greatest treasures on earth. Sadly, however, the concept of peace is alien to some people. Hence, the importance of this post. What is peace? It is the state of being calm no matter the circumstance. In other words, it refers to tranquillity and freedom from disturbance. How do we experience peace? I have highlights some practical steps below:

1) Leave the past in the past: It'll shock you to know the number of people that are still stuck in the past. They just find it hard to let go of certain things e.g beautiful memories, accomplishments, grudges, mistakes etc. Whether your past was glorious or disastrous, if you keep dwelling there, you'll never be able to enjoy your present. So what's the solution? Be thankful for the good memories and great things you've accomplished and set your eyes forward. Make the most of today. Set new goals, and achieve them. Create new pleasant memories. As for grudges and mistakes, forgive whoever has wronged you. The best thing about the past is that it is in the past. Killing yourself over it won't erase it. You need to move forward. Then, you'll experience peace. 2)Remember, you are not a robot! Sometimes, we put ourselves under undue pressure unnecessarily to be perfect. This is true particularly of the melancholy temperament. It's one thing to strive for excellence and it's another thing to struggle to be perfect. One is achievable, the other isn't. In other words, you are human and it is okay for you to make mistakes. If you don't make mistakes, how will you grow? At least, you're still better than those who don't take risks at all because they don't want to make mistakes so that people won't laugh at them. My dear, mistakes are allowed. Just learn from them.

3)Validate yourself: With so many influences and opinions flying about, if you don't know yourself, you'll be lost. You need to learn the art of self-mastery. Know yourself. Who are you? Ask yourself in front of a mirror, "WHO AM I"? When you know who you are, it helps to put things in perspective. You have a proper self-identity, which gives you the confidence to take on the world.

4) Learn to accept the things you cannot change: Yeah, I know plastic surgery can do and undo, but there are still certain things about yourself that you cannot change. Learn to accept them. You are unique and God didn't make a mistake when HE was creating you. Itemize the talents and good qualities you possess and celebrate yourself. Apart from ourselves, it could also be situations that are out of your control. No matter how you beat yourself up, you just can't change them. In such situations, learn to relax and trust that the outcome would be positive.

5)Spend time with loved ones: This is a wonderful way to relieve stress. Laughter is medicinal too. The quality time you spend with your loved is always worth it. Sometimes, when distance is a barrier, pick up your phone and call. It helps too.

6)Avoid negative people: It is impossible to have peace if you are around some people. They always have one bad news or the other. No matter how positive you'll like to be, it's just impossible when you're with them. They know how to pollute your aura, spoil your mood or create negative vibes. Sometimes, they even do it unconsciously. If you want to experience inner peace, you've got to avoid them. The same thing goes for places as well. Anywhere you visit that drains you emotionally, try and avoid them as well.

7)Forgive: Forgiveness is something we do deliberately. It's not something you wish into existence. You have to intentionally decide to forgive others for hurting you. There are times we also need to forgive ourselves for falling short of expectations. You must learn to forgive if you want to be genuinely happy in life. Deep rooted grudges can even affect your health. You don't need that.

8)Keep a journal of things you are grateful for and things you have achieved. It'll help you appreciate your journey in life; your growth process. I mean, look at where you were 5years ago and where you are now. God has been faithful. Look at all the struggles you have overcome. You are worth being celebrated, so give yourself a pat on the back!

9)Don't compare yourself with others: This is a sure way to kill your joy.Stop all this "My mates are doing this and that, and I'm here..." talk.I know there are still so many other things you want to accomplish, but take it easy. You will get there. It's a gradual process. Be patient with yourself. Life is not a competition oh! Please.

10) Pray: Having a good relationship with God is the ultimate. Learn to talk to God in prayers. There are certain pitfalls that can be avoided if we have divine direction. Divine direction is priceless! All these are things I do personally, and they work for me. Based on experience, I'm sharing them with you because I also want you to experience inner peace. But they won't work unless you DO them. So, take action! All the best.


By Maronymic.