At about this time last year, I had been transitioning from my permed hair to join the ever growing natural hair community. In Jan this year I took the bold step and had my BC (Big chop). Once I took that step, I became impatient as I wanted my hair to grow as fast as possible, I inquired about every product available to take care of natural hair, I joined several Natural hair BBM channels to learn daily, but with all I learned and applied, it seemed like none of it was working for me. Sometimes I’d be depressed at the slower than snail pace my hair growth was taking…LoL, I can laugh now because I have learned. At some point I was almost tired and wanted to go back to perming my hair, but then I’d read stories of people’s hair journey and be encouraged to hang on a little longer. Well, after torturing myself for a few months, I decided that I was going to just enjoy the pace at which my hair grew, I even went as far as decided that If the hair refused to grow I don’t mind as long as it is healthy. Taking my focus off the pace of my hair growth, took a lot of stress off my mind, I started building a collection of nice wigs as I do not like to have a look for too long ( vain right? bite me). That was how I didn’t even realize my hair was growing slowly but steadily, and whenever a friend would help with weaving or packing my hair, they would comment on how healthy my hair was, I would grin like a little child who just got a bowl of candy. I was enjoying the compliments as they came. I just did my weekly wash today and I must say I am pleased at the level the hair has grown. Dec 2016 Ejiro Osakede, Dec 2016 Ejiro Osakede. Dec 2016, almost a year of being natural Ejiro Osakede, Dec 2016 It would be officially one year in Jan that I’ve been natural and I’m loving it all the way. Just so you know, my Hair Mentor is TY Bello (tongue out). To summarize the lessons my hair taught me: 1. Never be in a hurry to achieve anything worth your while 2. Do not focus on the pace at which things are moving but rather on your consistency in doing what needs to be done 3. Enjoy the journey of your growth. The people you look up to, didn’t get to where they are now in one day. 4. Never compare your journey with another person’s journey. Our pace in life varies from one person to the other. I hope you have also learned one or two things from this story that touches the heart ….LOL. Thanks for reading anyway. Talk to you soon. Cheers. Story by Ejiro Osakede By the way, you can check out some free short stories in audio format by visiting